“My father lived in Utah, and I live in California. On November 16, 2014, my father’s 90th birthday, he suffered a major stroke. He was taken to the hospital by ambulance. My brother and his wife, myself and my husband were able to make it to the hospital within 24 hours. He was then transferred to where he was in the care of Sun Tree Hospice. I have to tell you, they are the nicest people and gave the best care to my father! Being from out of town, we didn’t know anyone, and they gave us the best support and direction we could have asked for! They were so kind, very gentle and very attentive. I’m sure my father was aware of the attention that Paige was giving him! He only lasted a little more than a day, but his last hours were full of love and kindness. Thank you Paige and Sun Tree Hospice.”

Brenda & Dave

“My Mom’s family would like to thank the employees of Sun Tree Hospice who provided Mom such professional and compassionate care, and made her last days so much easier for her and her family.”


“The family would like to thank Sun Tree Hospice, especially the nurse, Mike. Big hugs go out to the wonderful ladies who provided round-the-clock, in-home care.”


“My thank you to everyone who helped care for my husband and me. A very special thank you to Mike- who made several middle of the night house calls.  I of course miss my best friend very much, but will always remember how kind you all were.”


“You were there when Dad and I needed you. All of you were wonderful and there aren’t words that can express my gratitude. Thank you.”


“Please know that Mother and I have been privileged to meet all of you during her illness and Hospice care. We felt blessed that Mom’s care by your folks was always loving and sincere. I do not hesitate to let friends, family, and others know how dedicated you were in caring for her. I’m certain that your professionalism helped her accept the fate that in the end we all face.”


“A special thanks to Sun Tree Hospice, especially Dr. Ken McDonald, Paige, Michael, Shay, and Barbara who were there at every turn. Their comfort and support were meaningful beyond words.”